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Jody Gray, D.C.

Jody Gray

Jody Gray graduated from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986. He has maintained a practice in the eastern end of Birmingham/Jefferson County for over 37 years now. He is board certified in pain management through the American Academy of Pain Management/International College of Chiropractic Neurology, was the first chiropractic consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, and he was elected Young Chiropractor of the Year in 1992 by the Alabama State Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Gray practiced for ten years on-campus at Ascension's St. Vincent's East hospital. Considering his board certification in pain management and observing/assisting in hundreds of spine surgeries, Dr. Gray's primary focus has been on the medically-minded, evidence-based side of chiropractic, pain management and post-surgical spine care. His initial training was in total body health, nutrition, and disease prevention and continues to mentor people on how to exercise properly, what to eat, what to avoid, and yet still enjoy that "cheat day" on occasion.

Dr. Gray has three children, all grown and gone, as well as six fantastic grandchildren. He is married to his beautiful bride, Molly. He has many, mostly outdoor, interests and hobbies and he and Molly are active in their church, Faith Community Fellowship in Trussville.